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Expert Mobile and Tablet Repairs for Uninterrupted Performance

  • Expert Mobile and Tablet Repairs by OMG Data Recovery: Trust our skilled technicians for expert repairs of mobile devices and tablets.
  • Swift Turnaround Time: We prioritize quick turnaround times to minimize device downtime and get you back to using your mobile or tablet swiftly.
  • Comprehensive Repair Services: From screen replacements and battery repairs to software troubleshooting and data recovery, we offer a wide range of repair services to address various issues.
  • Reliable Solutions for Hardware Issues: Our technicians are experienced in resolving hardware problems such as cracked screens, faulty charging ports, and speaker or microphone malfunctions.
  • Software Troubleshooting and Optimization: We provide software troubleshooting and optimization services to enhance the performance and resolve software-related issues.
  • Water Damage Restoration: If your mobile device or tablet has suffered water damage, our experts can assess and restore it to working condition.
  • Battery Replacement and Optimization: We offer battery replacement services and optimize battery performance for improved device longevity.
  • Data Recovery and Backup Services: In cases where data is lost or compromised, we specialize in data recovery and provide backup solutions to safeguard your important information.
  • Affordable Pricing and Transparent Quotes: We offer competitive and transparent pricing with detailed quotes, ensuring that you receive cost-effective services tailored to your needs.

How much will my data recovery cost?

This a very common question asked of OMG. The quick answer is: it depends. It depends on your media, what has gone wrong with it, and what work is required in order to secure and retrieve the files you need.

From €150

Data Recovery from Broken Screens

€ Call

Data Recovery from Chip due to unrepairable board

€ Call

Deleted Images, Videos, Notes and Chats requiring Firmware Mods
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