FAQ - Data Security & Confidentiality

Total. Your data is yours, no one else’s. You would assign us the job to recover the lost data for you and get paid for a successful recovery. We have been since 1987 recovering data and the proof that we have had 100% customer satisfaction for our recoveries, with hundreds of repeat clients, meaning that we are trusted. Your confidentiality is paramount to you and to us and it is completely guarded. It is guarded by physical security (access control to the lab), IT security (multiple layers of encryption, credentials, firewalls and physical segregation), Procedural Security ans Ethical Security (explained below). Confidentiality is crucial to our business, as it is the basis of our existence, and we protect it at all costs. The Ethic of Confidentiality is cast in stone and is untouchable.

We do not discuss individual clients but we have done recoveries for government, military, major international organisations, VIPs, large local companies, celebrities, small businesses, professionals, students, home pc users, and many other individuals. We do not classify clients but we classify the job to be done. Every client is very important to us as much as the data is important to the client.

Absolutely not. We never disclose names of our clients nor discuss details of their cases. We do discuss data recovery techniques with other engineers at international fora and symposia but that’s just the methods and procedures. Client details are totally irrelevant to the techniques of cases themselves but even so they are never mentioned.

Your device is secured by a 4 level security system. a) Physical Security in terms of storage, anti-theft systems, alarms, fire prevention, monitoring and network protection levels b) IT Security in terms of firewalls, encryption, user authorisation, latest hardware and firmware updates c) Procedural Security in terms of ESD protection, non destructive recovery techniques, minimal handling or movement and d) Ethical Security in terms of one person one device, absolute adherence to confidentiality.

Sorry no. No one comes in the lab as it is a sensitive area containing clients’ data, sensitive instruments and controlled environment and is completely protected from third parties. Besides we carry out research and have built custom equipment and devices that are considered commercially sensitive in our industry. Therefore even physical presence of third parties is forbidden near the lab.

The client’s recovered data is transferred as an image on server until such time that the client confirms the files are ok OR until 15 days (or as agreed by client) from recovery, whichever is earlier. Therefore the client has a a limited time to confirm or request another copy of a file/s after which secure deletion occurs. As far as client contact numbers are concerned, we keep them for our records and future reference. In compliance with GPDR rules in force from 25th May 2018, we fully comply with clients’ requests for keeping their details in our database for future reference. We do not share/discuss/disclose client details, not even names, with anyone.

At the bottom of this page are the Conditions of Service and Terms & Conditions. By engaging our services you are agreeing to the Conditions of Service and Terms & Conditions.

Kindly check the Conditions of Service at the bottom of this page and Terms & Conditions.

Certainly. Call us with an anonymous number or ID withheld, contact us with a temporary generic email and give us an alias/nickname/nom-de-plume by which we can refer to you. There are a number of options available for device collection/delivery including PO Box, safe deposit box, proxy, client determined place of pickup and delivery etc. Contact us anonymously first by the name ‘ANON’ and we can discuss the case.

Yes, Non Disclosure Agreements are signed.

Yes, we are.

Yes! We have a specialised certified service for destroying drives. The service is called HDD Terminator. We securely destroy hard drives, SSDs, mobiles, smartphones, pendrives, sdcards, microsdcards, LTO tapes, CDs, DVDs and other media. The service guarantees unrecoverability and we provide a Certificate of Secure Data Destruction for compliance to your IT ISO audits. The service can be provided onsite or cast live to your company’s headquarters. Click here: HDD Terminator

It is of course your free choice entirely, it is your drive and your data, and you solely decide who to employ to recover your data. After all, the UK data recovery companies employ a large number of people due to economies of scale but the core engineers are most of them our colleagues having the exact same equipment and lab as us. Moreover, we do exchange techniques, research, firmware and parts between us as it is important for all parties to have central access to all resources. However, we have lower costs because we operate a minimum overhead business saving up to 60% of costs of a drive recovered abroad giving the savings back to client … together with their data. Additionally, you save on transport costs (up tot GBP100 each way by courier) and also diagnostic charges, which some of our colleagues abroad charge for their time due to the large number of cases they have. OMG Data Recovery is the same data recovery lab setup as UK ones but cost-wise catered for Malta. Moreover one thing some clients want is Security, Confidentiality and Trust. They want to know where their drive containing their data is physically located, who is responsible for it and whether they can just call and talk frankly in Maltese to the engineer actually working on their drive, at any time, any day. We do not have opening and closing hours, and if you are anxious about the drive at any point you can just call. Here’s the number: 79437846. This gives clients in Malta ease of access and great peace of mind, certainly something one needs when losing data. Recover it, and get back to business as usual with OMG Data Recovery.

There are no other. We are the only specialised data recovery lab in Malta due to the experience, rate of success, range of services offered, knowledge sharing to the IT community, heavy DR hardware and training investment, speed of service, courtesy of service, confidentiality and security. However due to our success and high quality service, we do serve all IT companies as B2B services and their clients. We are considered the go-to place for data recovery as we offer business friendly options to companies and best personal service to individuals. We aim to be constantly the best data recovery service in Malta and the Mediterranean.

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