FAQ - Mobiles and Smartphone, Xbox, PS3/4 Data Recovery

We can recover a recently deleted SMS message from your smart phone memory and sim card. It is vitally important though, not to do any more operations on the phone, to switch it off and send it straight away. Phone recoveries are always treated as top priority unless the client specifies otherwise. We usually have a 24hr turnaround on phones. Send us an email with your phone make and model to check if we can do it. info@omgdatarecovery.com

Yes, provided you contact us in time. The more the phone is used the lesser the chances of recovery. Contact us now

Yes. Many phone brands, especially old ones store the data in internal memory which we can access by special equipment and methods.

We will recover the data no problem but we do not recover phones from toilets. You must fetch it yourself and clean the outside as much as you can. Put it in a bag and call us on 79437846. We will do the rest.

Yes it is possible, sometimes even possible to recover everything but it all depends on the state of the individual flash memory chips. Collect the pieces carefully even if the circuitry is broken. The microSD might still work on your pc but if not we can recover it for you as well if the chips are not cracked.

We unlock phones for forensic investigation purposes only, so really the answer is no.

Yes we can but it depends on the fault. As Xbox drives are encrypted and individually assigned to a particular console, the recovery must have the same drive. The drives cannot be cloned or copied as they will not work on any console. This is a copy protection feature.

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