FAQ - General Data Recovery

These are the steps in the process :

a) Client contacts OMG about the fault. We will pick it up at a mutually agreed place and time. Else we have it delivered (Gozo Express, DHL, TNT, etc)

b) Diagnostic evaluation occurs within 48hrs and a quote is communicated to client. The evaluation is free

c) Client either accepts quote and gives go-ahead, or else decides not to go ahead in which case no costs are incurred and client picks up the device

d) Data Recovery process commences and client is given periodical updates

e) On successful data recovery, client device is delivered and payment is affected. Should it be unsuccessful there is zero cost to client

We do them all. We categorise recoveries into 7 classes: logical failure, unstable drive, firmware corruption, electronic fault, mechanical fault, forensic recovery and flash recovery. We recover from Windows, iOS, OSX, Linux and Android

We do them all. The main ones are: Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Quantum, IBM and others not so well known. Also, we are experienced in handling external enclosures such as Icy Box, Verbatim, Intenso, Iomega, LaCie, Freecom, Buffalo, Manhattan etc. Contact us on if you have trouble with one of these drives.

Yes we do and yes we do Macbook Air SSDs as well as all kinds of SSD such as M.2, NVMe, mSATA, SATA, PCIe etc

We recover RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5 (and variants), RAID 6 (and variants), Nested RAIDs (10, 60), Hybrid RAIDs, JBODs with extended partitions, etc from NAS brands such as Synology, Qnap, Thecus, Netgear, onboard RAID, Western Digital My Book etc from lost configurations, firmware issues, dual drive failures and other human error corruption. Moreover we also recover from SQL Server corruption and Virtual Machine corruption.

No. We use state of the art diagnostic hardware, factory level systems, special methods and dedicated tools for data recovery in our lab that guarantee best results. However we offer pickup and delivery in Malta and courier service internationally at nominal fees.

We will update you 1) on Assessment result with Quote, 2) when we have a query and 3) on successful completion or otherwise. While we do not update the client during jobs undergoing operations or research, nevertheless, we will return all calls and messages when client requests information. For Business Priority, VIP and Mission Critical Cases updates will be periodical even through the recovery phases.

Sorry it is policy not to re-accept a hard drive that was already assessed and then cancelled by the client. The reason is because once the hard drive is taken out of lab, its state usually changes because the client would re-attempt to power it or take it to a technician, only to find that it will not be possible to recover it elsewhere. Hence we do not usually re-accept them, unless of course, the client is back to the wall with important data lost, then we will re-assess at a cost agreed with the client.

We do offer that service! If the cause of data loss is easy to identify and if the drive is intact we will recover it within half a day. In fact for that service we charge less half of what others charge … simply because it is quick. Most importantly we use the correct recovery procedure and no trial and errors. However, if the fault on the hard drive requires replacement or physical hard drive surgery, no matter what others say, it can take between a day to up to a few weeks or more if there is a need to source an exact part (matching part + date and place of manufacture) and waiting for it to be shipped. Quick fix solutions commonly claimed by PC shops often result in permanent loss of data because they do not have the time or the hardware for low level, electronic level, time consuming procedures. What you can rest your mind is that we employ all technical resources in the correct methodical way to give you back your files from the dead hard drive and get you back to business as usual.

Certainly possible. And you will be shocked to realise that in a study that we commissioned more than 75% of people are unaware that their browsing habits, personal details, passwords, files, and even credit card details are vulnerable to certain types of malicious routines that lie in inaccessible areas, laying in hiding, in pieces, undetectable, until a trigger wakes them up and activates tiny code that intercepts data and may even take hold of your computer remotely and transparently to you. This is because antivirus and antimalware software project a false sense of security. They do not detect trojans that use crypters and binders. For eg. Never mind your antivirus: if you have ever received junk mail addressed to you personally, then you might want to contact us. If you have a slow and heating laptop you might want to give us a call. If you experienced mysterious quick opening, quick closing windows on boot up, contact us. If your browser automatically displays sites you didn’t specifically wanted, you may need us. We have specially written software that scours the medium, studies processes in RAM and monitors performance just for these type of malicious codes that would go undetected by the best. We will offer you to clean and secure your hard disk for a small fee. Send us a text message SMS with the words ‘clean me’ and we will attend to you fast!

It depends on form factor and fault. Here is a guideline for that answer however always consult with the OMG D.R. Engineer for a definitive reply. Always state warranty status on handing over the drive.

Internal Drives : Warranty is maintained unless the drive has an electronic or a mechanical fault.

External Drives : Warranty is maintained if the drive has suffered a logical failure. If the drive has not suffered an electrical or mechanical fault, Warranty is maintained on some generic enclosures which can be opened by screws without tearing any warranty seals. Warranty is voided on enclosures that are sealed with clips, if the drive needs to be accessed via SATA or has an electronic or mechanical fault.

The recovery can be canceled during the following stages:

1) Quote Not Accepted. The client can collect the device at no cost. The quote is canceled. The device will have to be re-quoted, possibly at a higher cost if client decides once again to resubmit it for recovery. This is due to possible degrading of the device if submitted to a 3rd party as the device is not in our control.

2) Stop Recovery after Quote Accepted: Recovery will be aborted. A cancellation fee of €50 or 25% of the quoted price, whichever is higher, applies. Device will not be reassembled to finished stage. If parts were quoted extra, then the parts must be paid in full in addition to the cancellation fee. The parts will be returned to client.

You may:

1) Shelve it in a safe place just in case one day you want it recovered

2) Donate it for research (see next question below)

3) Have it obliterated. Check details in Other Services

4) Have it recycled. Warning before Recycling! Contact us to render the drive data totally unrecoverable for recycling

5) Use it as a paperweight, display piece, mirror, or a fan

Thank you for donating the drive for R&D. Periodically we carry out research on the drive hardware, electronics, and other components as part of reverse engineering systems. This enables us in designing better solutions to hard drive problems. The hard drive submitted for recovery is labelled, categorised and stored for research. Ownership of the drive is therefore relinquished to OMG as during research the drive is practically rendered useless as it may be disassembled. However, if during the course of research the dead drive was restored and data is readable, the former owner would be contacted so that the is data submitted back. There would be no charge in this case. Once again we thank all users who donated their dead drives for R&D.

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