FAQ - Shipping, Payment, Collection & Delivery

If you live in Malta we will pick it up and deliver back, for free, from any location. If you live in Gozo contact us for pickup and delivery using Gozo Express service. International Clients: Pack the drive in an anti static wrapper/envelope similar to what hard drives/electronics are packed in when first bought. It is highly recommended to use a local courier company (eg DHL, TNT, UPS or Fedex) as usually they will over-pack it properly for you.

Address the package to OMG Data Recovery, Main Street, Lija, LJA 1509, MALTA. If coming in person, kindly send a WhatsApp message on 79437846 for appointment at the lab at OMG Data Labs, triq tal-Mirakli, Lija

For residents of Malta & Gozo: Payment in PayPal, Cash or Cheque on delivery of media.

For International customers: We accept a variety of methods of payments. The easiest, safest and most convenient is to affect payment by REVOLUT or BOV Pay. If you wish to pay by wire or via Western Union kindly contact us so that we give you the necessary details. Visit our Payments area for the various payment options.

You do not need a Paypal account. Just go to this address replacing nnn with the amount you want to pay: paypal.me/omgdr/nnn. Eg. If you want to send €250 you can click this address: paypal.me/omgdr/250

As international Bank Cheques take at least 28 days to clear we prefer other methods of payment as they are relatively instant and therefore you can have your recovered files immediately.

For Governments and Corporations only we accept payments within 60 days of agreement.

A cancellation fee of 25% of the quote OR €50, whichever is the highest, applies. This is because we commence the process immediately once we receive the go ahead from the client. If the quote contains an entry for parts, then the cost of the parts have to be paid in addition to the cancellation fee. The parts will be returned to client.

Yes and it is free of charge unless you have confirmed the recovered files have been received or 15 days have passed since the recovery, whichever is earlier. After your confirmation or 30 days have passed since recovery, your data on our servers is securely deleted forever. Any other subsequent case is treated like any other normal recovery.

You may call, email or SMS, WhatsApp, chat on messenger on facebook.com/OMGDR. Send us an SMS or WhatsApp message on (+356) 79 437846 with ‘OMG’ or an email at info@omgdatarecovery.com with your contact number and we will call you back as soon as possible. If you call and we can’t attend immediately kindly send us an SMS text message and we will return the call asap. Otherwise we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Live and Skype. Search for ‘omgdatarecovery’. If you are calling with an ‘unknown’ number or Caller ID withheld and the mobile is unreachable please send a text message SMS and we will return the call within same day. We will otherwise be unable to call you back if we do not have the number you are calling from.

We may be contacted 24×7. If we cannot respond immediately we will call you back shortly after as long as your phone settings have not withheld ID. We will respond to every message and email. Meetings by appointment. If you intend coming to our Lija Lab for device delivery/collection, call or message before for appointment.

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