FAQ - Locked Computers, eDiscovery, Investigations, Deceased Relatives

No questions asked. However: if you’re not the owner of the computer, the legal onus is entirely yours and therefore we will indemnify ourselves of any legal liability/responsibility. It is only your responsibility.

Yes. We are able to access password protected computers, sites and also hard drives. Contact us on 79 437846

Please be aware that password locked drives and hardware encryption by password are two separate and different security features. Yes we recover encrypted drives of certain models such as Western Digital external drives (WD MyBook, Passport), Dell and Toshiba laptops etc. We can recover most password hardware locked drives as well that require a password at booting or BIOS level. Contact us on 79 437846

Yes and we will do it with respect. Special cases with special requests from relatives will be taken. Call us on 79 437846

Call us on 79 437846. You will be able to monitor everything.

eDiscovery and Court Expert Representation cases including separation, divorce, intellectual property, etc please call/msg on 79 437846 or send us an email on info@omgdatarecovery.com

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